Reopening Our Lady and the Welsh Martyrs Church, Overton

We are very glad to say that Our Lady and the Welsh Martyrs Church, Overton will be open for the celebration of Mass from Saturday 19th December. We look forward to welcoming you back again.

Masses will be on Saturday evenings only at 5 pm.
Christmas - there will be Christmas Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve at


When we restart public Masses it will be a very different experience to our celebrations before the lockdown. There are many guidelines and requirements in force that require us to adapt our worship practices.  We have longed to welcome you through the doors once again to take care of your spiritual health, but we must do so whilst also showing concern for your physical health.

​One of the biggest changes you will note is that the available seating in the church is less than 50%.  This means at maximum capacity we could potentially hold up to 20 people.

Places in Church need to be booked either on-line or by phone. Website to register for a Mass ticket

​Recognising the fact that most parishioners will be unable to come to Mass, we will continue to live stream daily and Sunday Masses from St Anne's Church, Wrexham.

Before you register for Mass here are a few things to consider:


Although we are gradually coming out of lockdown the Coronavirus is still with us so it is our obligation to take precautions to keep you safe. But even though we have a tight plan, we cannot guarantee that you will not be infected with the virus; therefore we urge you to continue to follow the government guidelines.  If you are 70+ years of age or have underlying health conditions we recommend you stay home and stay safe.  The same goes if you live with anyone who is vulnerable to the virus.  We will always do our best to reduce the risk of infection through sanitisation and social distancing, but they are not guaranteed.

Wearing of a mask at Mass is mandatory unless medically exempt.

To maximise the safety of all concerned we are sorry to say that until further notice all liturgical ministries apart from Readers are temporarily suspended.  And when readers do come to serve you will be asked to wear gloves as part of your ministry.

Holy Communion will be socially distanced and you are asked to receive the Lord in your hand only.  Communion will also take place out of sequence in the Mass; you will be able to receive Holy Communion at the end of Mass and then immediately leave through the designated exit.  This means that when you leave your pew, you will not have to return passing a potentially contaminated spot.  Once everyone has left, the process of decontaminating the church beings ready for the next day Mass.

Toilet facilities will remain CLOSED.

What to expect

Here’s what you can expect when you come to Mass:

The doors will be open 20 minutes before so you get a chance to prepare and pray.

There may be a queue outside the church as you wait to register your arrival.  Please join the queue and remember to stay at least 2 meters apart.  We have placed some marks on the pavement to help.

You will enter the church through the main doors.

You will be greeted by a steward who will check your ticket and help you to check-in, so we can fulfil the requirement of contact tracing. 

After check-in, you will be escorted to your seat in the designated pews.  To ensure good social distancing the church will be filled from the FRONT to the back.  So please be patient and courteous with the stewards as your usual seat may not be in use or out of sequence.

When you get to your pew, you will notice green markings of where we sit as individuals.  Please use the green markings as the FIRST seating space you can use, even if you are part of a group.

There will be no singing at Mass as singing increases the risk of particles of the virus being projected into the air.

After the Gospel, the priest will preach a very short homily.

There will be no Sign of Peace.

Before the priest receives Holy Communion he will separately hold up the Host and the Chalice making the traditional exclamation “The Body of Christ”, “The Blood of Christ” at which point we all say “Amen”.

After the priest has received Holy Communion he will end Mass in the usual way.  Holy Communion for the people will take place at the end of Mass.  You will be invited by the stewards to leave your pew and come forward keeping the 2 meters distancing.  Extend your hands and arms at full length with both hands palm up (one hand on top of the other).

Once you have received Holy Communion you will be invited to leave the church straight away through the designated exit. 

As you enter the church, there will be a basket for your collection offering. 


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